Finally, when we completed the installation of pension earning, it was created as a wonderful space. So how’s it going now?
Are you enjoying the fresh spring weather these days? She's already a self-employed second-year country house and cafe owner.I was at a loss after retiring two years ago, and with the help of an acquaintance, I'm living a second life opening a small house and a cafe in the outskirts of the city.Actually, at first, […]

Are you enjoying the fresh spring weather these days? She's already a self-employed second-year country house and cafe owner.
I was at a loss after retiring two years ago, and with the help of an acquaintance, I'm living a second life opening a small house and a cafe in the outskirts of the city.
Actually, at first, we had an open event, so the business was better than I thought.
But as expected, it was the first time I opened it, and when I saw the number of customers dwindling, I could feel a sigh.
So we advertised at the end of the day, and we did this and that, so we needed something that could make a big difference.

That was Sejong Electric Skyning. In fact, the most interesting thing about going to a cafe or a neighbor's house was the wide pension shade with shiny lights.
It's beautiful every time I see it, and it reminds me of when I go back home. And then I thought, "Let's install the terrace interior electric skylighting."
I guess that's how much he wanted to get stuck in the minds of consumers. That's how I found out about the cool system!
Since then, I've been making requests not only to cafes but also to houses that have been built for over a year.
There are so many pension earning companies in Korea, but I didn't know where to do well or poorly.
So I asked the famous cafe owner and asked him where he did it in his neighbor's house, and the company that told me both was Sejong Electric Sky Learning Cool System.
It's a neat finish, so I'm sure he called.

There was something I forgot to ask in the middle of the consultation, so it was the price.
I thought it would be really expensive at this size and size. Later, I got a quote for electric skylining for the pension screen, and I was surprised at a price that wasn't as expensive as I thought.
Actually, I was going to do one if it was too expensive, but it was a good price range, so I asked for construction right away.
I don't know much about terrace interior architecture or anything like that, so I just told you where to do it.
They said they'd install it faster if you measured it and sent it to me, but there couldn't be any equipment like that, but unexpectedly, I got pension earning service.

Because I measured it myself before installation. It's so huge that I can't even measure it with a regular tape measure.
They measured the exact length and width with the equipment and asked me how it would be if I installed it here and there, and they also inspected it and told me that it would be a great place to install it.
For those of you who've come far away, we've served you cold drinks and coffee.
There are many other places that receive products, but the cool system says it's custom-made together. It seemed obvious that it was a trustworthy company.

As if the child were waiting for the package, time had passed, and finally, the construction date for Sejong Electric Skyning was approaching.
It's hard to finish it in a day, and it took a few days.
I think it took a little longer because we have to build both places, not just one.
At first, it was used to raise a building, iron or iron. When I raised a pillar, I thought it was a building.
That's how close the pension earning column is.
I went in front of him and looked at him and found that he was really firm!
The pensioner told me that it's very sturdy because it's made in the same proportion as the actual frame of the car.
I thought that electric skyning was not a reason to recommend this company because of the meticulous construction!

So, after completing the basic column of the terrace interior, we started to put the fabric up. Actually, I had a lot of worries when choosing the fabric.
In Sejong Electric Skyning, it was divided into domestic and imported fabric.
I chose an Italian fabric called Surge Ferrari, a light beige for the cafe, and a white for the house.
When I told them that I wasn't sure about the color selection, the pension cover company recommended me the right color for the building, so I decided to choose that color.
By the way, when I asked if the terrace interior fabric could be damaged or contaminated, he said it was very rare.

I thought it was a mushy fabric, but it was more elastic than I thought and it had to be strong.
I touched it before I uploaded it, and I was surprised.
And I'm ashamed of my knowledge that I thought would be the same as when I posted a banner before, showing myself that I can withstand a lot of pollution.
And finally, when the pension earning was set up, it was created as a wonderful place. So how's it going now?

In the case of coffee shops, they've gone viral as cafes in local attractions. I've been posting a lot of sales on Instagram lately.
Of course, there are a lot of people on weekends rather than weekdays.
The electric skylining I installed in my house was also very useful. I still remember the romance of 전동 스카이어닝 listening to the sound of rain while grilling pork belly with my family on a rainy day. So I don't need to go camping separately. It's good in terms of utilization!
It's the best interior design that I've heard a lot of people say it's really pretty. I recommend you install it if you want to do electric skylighting.
Furthermore, if you don't think you should choose where to go, it would be better to use the company recommended by the experienced person, right? Of course, my money went into it, but the electric sky-learning cooling system makes it worth living these days.

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