I’ve been explaining the advantages of waxing, and it’s very tempting to listen to it.
I thought there was no waxing in my life.Not long ago, I got Brazilian waxing and tasted the new world.I understand why people get it.I think I'll take care of it consistently, too.It was my friend who spread waxing to me.I met a friend after a long time.He bragged that he came back after taking […]

I thought there was no waxing in my life.

Not long ago, I got Brazilian waxing and tasted the new world.

I understand why people get it.

I think I'll take care of it consistently, too.

It was my friend who spread waxing to me.

I met a friend after a long time.

He bragged that he came back after taking care of himself.

He's been explaining the advantages of waxing.

It was very tempting to listen to it.

Especially the day when I get enchanted once a month!

I was even more interested when I heard it was comfortable on that day.

I end up falling for my friend's story.

Before I knew it, I made a reservation for the 왁싱1인샵 Ansan waxing shop where my friend is attending. ^^

The place I visited is called Hair Up Waxing.

My friend has been a regular customer for a long time.

Above all, I heard that this place was the first to be built in Ansan.

Do you have any idea how long the CEO's been?

Besides, there are so many certificates and certificates at the entrance!

How can you not believe this?

You acknowledged your friend, and you have a lot of experience.

I thought it would be okay to do my first care here!

It wasn't hard to make it.

It is located on the 9th floor of the building where Hana Bank is located.

It's located on the 9th floor, but if there's no elevator, it'll be hopeless, right?

But don't worry, I have one. Is that too obvious?

When I get off the elevator, I see the blue gate.

That's where I'll visit.

As soon as I went in, there was a hand sanitizer near the entrance.

It says to use it when you go in and out.

Disinfecting thoroughly not only for me but also for everyone!

When I walked in, I found a really neat, luxurious interior.

It was spread out. Plus, it's a point items!

It's my first visit, and I like to take pictures.

I tried my best to take pictures.

And then we found these machines!

It's an air purifier and a humidifier.

It was installed in the waiting area.

I've been interested here and there.

When I came in, I could see what I had seen again.

One of them was the glass bottles at the desk.

I thought it was just for the interior.

No, I put tweezers in the glass bottle.

There are so many reasons because it's personal!

If you don't visit after six months,

They're going to dispose of it right away.

He emphasized that we should never reuse them.

The teacher asked me to write a checklist first.

I took a seat and looked through.

I'm checking it separately because I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

They say it's to get it right.

Have you done it before, as well as where you want to proceed?

You can check it out.

After I finished writing it, I gave it to the teacher.

You've been looking at it, and you've seen how it's going

They explained each and every one of themselves.

And how do you manage it after it's done?

I don't know what precautions to follow.

She told me the details.

I was talking and I had a questioning.

I asked the teacher a separate question.

Even people with sensitive skin

It was about whether we could proceed.

I thought you might think it was a quandary.

Thank you for your kind explanation.

First of all, this place uses products certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Especially since we use only natural products,

They told me that it's possible to proceed without any major irritation or strain.

Moreover, I was relieved to hear that you are only using disposable products.

Above all, the inconvenience you can feel in the middle of doing it according to your Ansan waxing skills.

They said it could be different.

That's why when we hire employees,

He's been going through a lot of things.

I wasn't really interested in waxing,

But in order to do that, I'm going to have a national and professional license

I knew I had to have it.

But just because you have a certificate doesn't mean you're just picking one.

To make sure you're fully qualified.

They say they will conduct the test on their own.

You have to pass this test so you can work here!

Now that I'm so careful in choosing people,

I think the result will be more satisfying.

You must have heard the explanation before we started!

We moved to a room where management is done for the full-fledged process.

It's divided into individual and couple rooms.

Even though I came with my friend, my friend had already received it recently.

I was guided to a private room.

I thought it'd be a little embarrassing, but it's so private.

After thinking about it a little bit, it naturally disappears.
I've been working on it for a while.

Let's take a quick shower in the shower first!

I told you that there is a humidifier and air purifier in the waiting area for Ansan waxing, right?

It's inside here, too!

Because it's a private space, the air can get cloudy easily.

I don't think that's why I didn't feel that way.

Ansan waxing teacher came in and I lied down on my bed.

It was really comfortable.

It turned out that it felt comfortable because it was a water bed.

Sometimes you have to lie down for a long time.

So that these people can be a little more comfortable.

I've got a water bed.

The reason I could lie down in this water bed was because...

It was because I heard that you use a personal bed cover.

For your information, it's a rule to use a one-stick.

It'd be nice to know this part, right?

From this point of view, I thought you were very careful about hygiene.

I think it took about 15 to 20 minutes.

Some of you might be wondering about the pain.

I wasn't as sick as I thought.

Depending on who's doing it,

The pain they feel can change.

I think the person in charge of me is a man of experience and ability ^^

Anyway, I wish I could be this neat and tidy.

I thought I should have received it earlier.

I've been lying around with a disordered head.

I'm closing my eyes, so I can get rid of the lashes.

I spent some more time in the makeup room.

Isn't the pink interior so pretty?

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