the market price of a used car in love with the real world
Sometimes I want to eat, but one day, I don't want rice to go into my mouth at all.They eat noodles because they don't show any signs of noodles.I mean, we have the same taste of food, but that's why.Can you live on it? Not again.Eating is really hard.I went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday […]

Sometimes I want to eat, but one day, I don't want rice to go into my mouth at all.

They eat noodles because they don't show any signs of noodles.

I mean, we have the same taste of food, but that's why.

Can you live on it? Not again.

Eating is really hard.

I went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday after a long time.

I ordered fried rice with jjamppong and shared it.

It hasn't even been a week since I ate it.

Perhaps it is relatively unsatisfactory.

But I'm full, so let's go next time.

I looked around the whole new carnival to find secondhand goods.

I'm glad it didn't matter. I'm from Korea.

There is a bungboong that can replace the carnival.

Not a lot, right? Personally, I think,

Anyway, the man I was with,

I met him, and he had quite a high standard of hair.

So there are more options than I expected.

He was next to me! And consider how many people can ride it.

I'm sure you're pretty good at this, but what I'm seeing so far is

It was a garden. I think it's the right number of people!

At least from seven 중고차사이트 to nine.

They say you can choose many people.

Really? A van like this? on the same line

It will be hard to bubble up in a luxurious atmosphere.

We will sit comfortably on the express bus.

I like a seat as divided as it is now.

I heard it. The color goes well with the outside.

It's called the Grey Family. Grayton

And a warm beige color.

It looked good on me because I got it.

Oh, and let's talk about the color of the exterior.

I forgot. It's black! He's the head of the family!

It's one of the easiest colors to choose.

I think the black line is more glossy than the white line.

It flows more. It's even cooler.

I've been doing it for a lot of time. I've been thinking about this color.

I heard! It's wide, it's wide, it's perfect on the side.

And when you see it, your body is long.

It has been regarded as. Design

This isn't fancy, but it's a whole new Carnival second-hand analysis.

I wasn't awkward when I tried it!

It looked good to say that it fell out well.

There's never been an accident. The inside is a bonnet.

Open it or view help for the performance check register.

It will be a problem if you try to check it.

I'm glad I don't have any. Actually, I'm looking around.

There are traces of it being used are excessive and disappointing.

I didn't feel that! If you think it's secondhand,

I don't know how the owner of the car drove.

And it leaves a trail. as such

Check for damage.

It's okay, but it's clean and flawless!

Kidney is also important, and some people are sitting.

Set up seats individually or both

It's good to try it. It's fluid.

Being able to control is a great advantage.

I did it and it was great! And the second line. Back.

There is no seat in the middle like the hallway next to it.

I'm choosing the configuration, so I'll open the door.

It's much easier to sit in the back seat.

It's well organized. It's soft.

It has a hard and hard sheet.

The safety belts are also secured to each seat.

All-Newkarney, used, mounted on steering wheel.

We will use many remote control buttons.

It may be. It was very convenient.

Personally, I've never seen the buttons on the left and right.

Hand of the handle is connected.

It's good to be controlled even if you don't take it off!

Bluetooth hands-free calls are also available.

I can tell you that it was okay.

Across the steering wheel, both speedometers are very, very strong.

You look very good. You read a good book.

All right. It's the central accumulation of driving.

Displaying information on the screen.

And that's a matter of volume.

It's hard to park if you do that. Thank God.

The back camera is enough to talk to you.

You are set to Tour View!

So we have to be able to see the back of the side.

I've given him efficiency in trying.

Wow, this is how you check the blind spot.

I'm impressed. I gave it to you. It was way over my head.

I don't think you need to worry.

Okay, and it's on the left side of the trip screen.

The Start button appears in red

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