You can feel the coolness of other charms.
Daejeon massage parlor Dunsan-dong Healthy massage parlorI got a very cool massage.​In the meantime, sports massage, tie massage,I got a lot of aromas and so on.In fact, a massage with acupressureI didn't answer well.But I got it this time, and it was totally my style.I'll try to get it more often from now on!I'll attach […]

Daejeon massage parlor Dunsan-dong Healthy massage parlor

I got a very cool massage.

In the meantime, sports massage, tie massage,

I got a lot of aromas and so on.

In fact, a massage with acupressure

I didn't answer well.

But I got it this time, and it was totally my style.

I'll try to get it more often from now on!

I'll attach the map first.

Address: Dunsan Jung-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City 20

Butterfly (A) Art Nouveau Palace No. 207

Contact: 042-482-7913

on the Tanbang-dong side of 신림 마사지 Dunsan-dong

You all know the Art Nouveau Palace building.

The parking lot is very well underground.

I was able to find it very comfortably.

You can wait inside.

The space was comfortable.

I make a reservation and visit, but just in case,

I don't have time to wait.

It was a comfortable place to rest after receiving it.

The price is 35,000 won for 40 minutes of course A.

It's 55,000 won for a 60-minute full-length massage on Course B!

If you get a 10-time ticket, you get a 2-time service.

To be consistent with one's organs,

I thought it'd be better to get rid of the pass.~

It looks like this inside, but on one side,

There's a locker where you can store your clothes after you take them off.

There's a wide bed inside the merten.

It's a private matter of management.

I felt more comfortable.

I got it on course A.

Daejeon massage parlor Dunsan-dong Healthy massage parlor

What I felt during the massage was,

I don't know if it's because you've been so careful with the

It doesn't seem like 40 minutes at all.

I thought you took care of my whole body!

I'm a couple massage with my sister.

I went to get it, but it was a middle curtain.

They roll it up for me, so I'll talk to them for a while.

I was able to get a more comfortable massage.

For acupressure massage, there is a visual impairment

You're the only one who can do it with a certificate.

Among massage, the licensed massage is

They say it's just a tachycardic massage!

That's how professional and meticulous it is.

Management from a recognized place.

I liked the fact that I could receive it.

I'm lying on the bed. Head to neck.

I got a really cool massage up to my shoulder.

I haven't been to Daejeon massage parlors a lot,

It's definitely a sports massage, a tie massage.

There was another cool charm!

Press it down rather than stretch it out.

I feel like I'm relaxing my muscles.

I'm relieved of my fatigue.

It's my style.

The back part is so meticulous.

Please let it go. Your fingertips were very careful.

A healthy massage pressure source in Dunsan-dong, Daejeon massage parlor.

I think I'll be visiting often!

He's really good at it. For 40 minutes.

I've had enough massages.

It was so good that I didn't want to wake up.

After the massage,

They even gave me a warm tea!

I'm drinking a cup of tea in a state of healing.

I feel better as my whole body warms up.

These days, modern people are really...

Headache, neck, shoulders, waist, legs.

There's no place that's not stiff.

It's really delicate, cool, acupressure.

Daejeon massage parlor Healthy massage parlor

I recommend you to visit!

It's not like we usually get a massage.

You can feel the coolness of other charms.

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