Because I knew how to live happily with what I liked!
This year, just like last year.It's a continuation of Bangkok and Bangkok.​Raising sons is physically very, very difficult,But now we can communicate and communicate.I think it's a little easier. ^^​How do you work when you raise two kids at home?How do you manage your time?People around me ask me this question.​My blog posting part time […]

This year, just like last year.

It's a continuation of Bangkok and Bangkok.

Raising sons is physically very, very difficult,

But now we can communicate and communicate.

I think it's a little easier. ^^

How do you work when you raise two kids at home?

How do you manage your time?

People around me ask me this question.

My blog posting part time job is at 11 a.m.

I'm participating once at 5 p.m. and twice in total.

You tell them to focus on their own time.

I concentrate on my work.

Children have free time. ^^

Most of all, I'm not going anywhere.

I could do it at home.

at this time of day

I'm doing it with gratitude.

The result of your free time!

It's a year's worth of data.

There's a lot of months.

for personal reasons

I didn't get a lot of participation.

I've been doing this job consistently.

Two hours a day on average.

I tend to spend time on this.

I'm working on 30 every month. ^^

This is data for 2019.

It's another account of mine.

I earned 5.84 million won from writing!

It costs 1,350 won per item.

It's a big difference from 여우알바 the current 1,900 won!

I just need to write two letters.

I can make it efficiently, so it's just...

We did it until January last year, and then we stopped.

I've been out of school since I started my current.

I'm using this account as well.

2020 and 2019 full year~!

I started in 2018. In 2018.

You didn't leave a good record. fi

Instead, I wrote on my blog about the year.

I've got a record of what I've experiences.

If you search for a home run mom on Naver's New Kind Price,

You can see that he's been doing it for a long time.

First pay for January 2021

I came in yesterday!!

Many or few, they didn't make it into a settlement issue.

I never broke my promise.

I'm not going to be able to communicate with people.

I think trust is the most important thing.

Especially in business.

I think online is even more important.

That's why we need to be more careful.

I've been working on it.

I've only been writing for eight months.

I've never done a thing I've never done before.

I don't speak too hastily.

When I raise my children, I don't even know how the day goes.

have no time I've always had it.

When I was a kid, I could hug him, put him to sleep, feed him.

It's time for the inner growth of the child's inner self.

I have more time to take care of them.

I'm seven and six, but it's still time for my mom to take care of me.

There are many things to prepare before going to school next year.

And we need to help and encourage them to stand on their own feet.

There's a lot more to be concerned about.

I can't live without money.

There's a limit to education without money.

I was at home looking for a job that I could do while I was babysitting.

Is there anything you can do with a computer?

I've searched so many green windows.

This was not my first sideline.

It's the last sideline in my life.

It's like you're done with something you can't do.

I don't want to make up and talk like that.

Lies give birth to lies.

through such a falsehood

The people who suffer.

I've seen you so many times.

I'd like to make a few hundred right now.

The reality is that you can't.

He knows himself better than anyone.

So to make a few hundred,

What should I do?

Has anyone experienced the process?

I'm going to use this New Kind Price.

I'm saying this because I've done it before.

To earn 300,000 won for writing a month

How many times to spend and how much time to spend.

And I'm not sure if I can do it consistently every day.

First of all, you're going to have your own time.

I'd like you to check.

Before we start, the most important thing is,

That's it.
at such a given time every day

I tried to get involved.

To get the results you want, you're gonna have to do all the different things.

I knew I had to put it down a little bit.

The rich depend on the sky.

The small rich depend on diligence.

I don't know if I'm still here.

To be a little rich.

I don't know if he's in the process.

The money that comes in steadily every month.

To make it, I'm going to do it myself.

He's making a habit.

One by one, two by one.

And if you look at that, and if you look at the people who started with me,

It's been a wonderful and wonderful experience.

So I've come online with similar ideas.

I could relate to the people I had.
I think it's true that the current situation is prolonged.

It's a time when we can't live like we did before.

You can build a building offline.

You can build a building online.

I have to do one of the two.

I think the easiest way to get there is to get there.

It was an online blog posting part-time job.

That's why you don't have to go to work.

How can you make money from home like this?

The fear of knowing and not having a job

This one's gone.

Because I knew how to live happily with what I like!

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