This is all from the Ribbons rental
It's been so hot in the afternoon, with the weather so much loosening these daysBut I hope you are healthy these days when the day-to-day difference is still big! You can wear sunglasses as the day gets brighterIt seems that more and more people are getting cheap fashion sunglasses to use in summer. The news […]

It's been so hot in the afternoon, with the weather so much loosening these days
But I hope you are healthy these days when the day-to-day difference is still big!

You can wear sunglasses as the day gets brighter
It seems that more and more people are getting cheap fashion sunglasses to use in summer.

The news of Pango prepared this time is that we are doing good work together
I'd like to introduce you to Davichi Shopping Deokso Three Street Shopping Mall!

Davichi Shopping has not had its own mall
Through the template of the Pango shopping mall, we have newly renovated and opened it as our mall.
There are many new products coming up
I also have a lot of discount events so I think I can buy them at a reasonable price!

This time, we will introduce sunglasses from the French luxury fashion brand Genzo
Genzo's unique and sophisticated feel and excellent quality
It is a branded product that is popular with celebrities and celebrities

Isn't the Kenzo logo that went in by the sunglasses really cool?
I think the discount is very big for the summer in Davichi shopping!
How about being a fashionist this summer through Genzo sunglasses for everyone, regardless of age or sex?

I think I can order Davichi shopping as a store that only deals with genuine goods!

Because when you buy sunglasses, you will receive a genuine DNT fashion warranty card
It contains the unique serial number and the place of purchase information,
AS service is available

Kenzo sunglasses are also like luxury sunglasses
They also offer high-quality Genzo genuine sunglasses cases
The luxury is endless

I’m trying to pick out the color I like.

I recommend you to spend the best summer with Kenzo sunglasses this summer
Don't miss our Davichi shopping Kenzo sunglasses, which are selling discounts at low prices!

I hope you'll continue to expect some amazing news from Pango
Gogo to the sunglasses command!
I've seen a dior bag
He looked so often.

It looks so comfortable every time I see it,
to the storage capacity it seems to fit in well
You look so good, you can't find
It seemed like it was okay to carry it

I don't think he's even age-affected, so I'm not gonna let you
I'd like to hear it. I'd like to take
I rented a luxury goods through it!

I've never done this before
It was a very fresh and good experience.
To conclude and to say later
I think it's a really good service!

First of all, I am very sure that it is genuine
Same, very good product, and fast
I could have gotten it back and returned it easily.

Honestly, it's an important position, so I'd like to hold a bag of luxury goods
when you can't afford it
It's a good place to use it

I thought the cost was reasonable!
The mall is a luxury item in the 'store' as well as rent
You can buy new products while shopping,
Vintage sells used products
We can buy it

in spite of being a new product
There are many products on sale
It's a dog's benefit.

And the Atelier
There is a genuine appraisal service, both domestically and internationally
I've been working on a long history of luxury emotions
The Ribbons Emotions Team is very careful
They said they'd check for authenticity

You send the product to 레플리카 the Ribbons anytime
I'm not sure if you're going to be able to
They can also get A/S from a professional repairman!

I'm not sure I'm going to be the only one
I thought I could trust you
We're going to use the service!
I'm going to go into Ribbons Rent-it Service
A recommendation exhibition is being held,
It's brand-specific

If you look down, you can see
It's easy to find a product,
Of course I can search!

I just watched
I chose what I liked,

I felt like shopping and I enjoyed it very much
about the rental service
More specifically, the most basic method
Reserves book the desired product on the desired date
It's a way to return it to the date you want

There's a premium and a light membership
Requirements to pay monthly rates and continue to make unlimited
You can rent luxury goods while you change it!

Of course, you can only get it as a product
As soon as I return it, a new product will come
Dog honey?
I chose
Christian Dior's tote bag!

If you can get a luxury bag for 20,000 won a day
Is it not a perfect gain?!

And if you're a member
I could borrow a little cheaper

I'm going to need to know
You can also take a picture of it yourself
It was good that the delivery information was accurate
Now, I'm gonna press the rent
I'm going to book a Dior bag!

I'm gonna need to know
You can decide for yourself

At the end of the day, the courier will visit
It's very comfortable because you take it!

The point here is that the longer the period
That the price of a day's rent is going down!

Not until the fourth, but since then,
up to 50% by two weeks
I can get a discount.
If you have chosen this desired date
Check the order amount and rent it!
The product is shipped two days before the receipt date.
to a product that fits well with a rental product
I recommend you, at a 30% discount on yoghurt
They could borrow it together!

This is probably a category
I think there is a product that you recommend!
I used the Ribbons rental
Received on the desired date!
It's nice to be here fast during the day

Bags are safe in the box, thin styrofoam vinyl
It was inside a dust bag

I was hanging out at my house
Cat hairs are… a lot attached

I said I'd turn it around when I returned it
We can get rid of the cat hair and get rid of it
Worried it wasn't delivered dirty

But I got it safe
They even got a confirmation text
I'm sure the service is strong,
I have a choice to check it as soon as I get my bag!
It was on the steering wheel!

So I'm not gonna let you know
I'll check the condition of the product carefully
After confirming that there was no problem, he cut it off
And this tack was also in it!

Anyway, I did not want to rent it,
It's a law that should be valued more.
So I'm gonna be
I carried it with me, okay?

You can't get dirty with the Dior bag
the cosmetics, which can be polluted pen etc. pigment or the ink etc
Anything that can be buried or damaged
I think we should keep it in the pouch.
It was very neat

My friend saw that the scarf on the steering wheel
Asked if you had it?

It's a set of things.

Design is like this, like a chessboard,
I feel like black and white
There's a lot of white, but there's no smear
I was satisfied because I was in a very clean condition!

I had a slight sense of burn on the handle, but I didn't
I didn't care, and I was the best-looking
the brand logo or the whole part on the outside
I'm glad you didn't look dirty, huh?

From this point on, it's a ribbons rental
I wanted to use it
The handle is not so dirty!

I guess it's the most touching part
There's something a little bit stiff, but I'm sure the product
I felt like I was doing great

I mean, it's sized, so the interior
It's a very good side, but inside it
It was very clean, for God's sake

Check the inside logo, too
I tried it on.
It's so big that you carry it around
I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it's rather frightening.

You can put a lot of things in there, a lot of things
It's so perfect for the office workers

This dior bag is a simple one-night, two-day suitcase
He thought it was okay
I'm a little small, so I'm like
It's a burden to have a bag of a large size
I'm gonna need to know
I thought you were gonna look like a kid. No!

Not at all, but rather a real sophistication.
I'm going to have to wear a dress
I tried it on, but I've been trying it on
I liked something

This is all from the Ribbons rental
Thanks to the luxury rental
You can carry it with your hands, but it's pretty even if you put it on your arm
I felt very comfortable on my shoulder!

There's clothes inside, heavy stuff in there, but
I felt strong,
It was heavy, so there was no pressure on my body

Maybe strap, handle is thin
If you're not strong, your shoulders and arms hurt
I'm glad this isn't the case, huh?

When I personally put my arm on
I thought it was the prettiest.

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