I’m also participating in the H Point Appro Stamp Relay
Dongdaemun Hyundai City Outlet! I visited JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square for my friends and Hokang for a long time and visited it for a long time I did not see the jacket to wear during this season, but I was looking for what I wore last year after leaving it all last fall. I visited […]

Dongdaemun Hyundai City Outlet! I visited JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square for my friends and Hokang for a long time and visited it for a long time

I did not see the jacket to wear during this season, but I was looking for what I wore last year after leaving it all last fall.

I visited the off-works Dongdaemun store.It was a fun shopping because the popular luxury goods such as Ami, Tierley, and Pololal Proren were sold at low prices for spring sale
It is a picture of the entrance of the off-works Dongdaemun store. I was able to see a discount from the entrance as a store selling luxury goods at low price

Especially the most eye-catching was the eco-bag-style bag that was still popular:) I remember looking around to buy this bag,

I was selling at such a low price + + + + I thought it was a pretty design when I paired it with a dress!

I shopped at the off-works Dongdaemun store for the luxury outlets at department stores
I took a picture of the whole of the off-works Dongdaemun store and the price tag:)

The detailed price can be checked in the price tag, but the clothes with high discount rates were so marked that they were easily recognized

It's really hard to buy if you don't see a price tag when shopping, and Offworks was really nice to be able to check the price right away:)

It was possible to shop well because it was notated exactly how much is discounted at the list price
The most eye-catching was the BOB pants and the Maison Kitsne! Is it cheap enough to sell the BOB pants at this price for 50,000 won?

I really like Maison Kits' clothes and Theory clothes, but since the price of Korea is so high, there are many cases where I buy fastballs or used clothes when I discount in the United States

The pretty clothes that I was interested in were really sold at a discount of 30 or more, so it was not too burdensome to pick up several clothes

I collected the gift certificates of Hyundai Department Store with H Point apps in time, and I thought that I should start the raw house collected here
First of all, the house is the Maison Kitsne Hood and Theory Leather Outer. Maison Kitsne Hood can be purchased for 100,000 won and Theory Outer for 200,000 won

When you discount 50 percent in the United States, you can buy it at a price including shipping costs

Sometimes the size of the clothes is not right, so if the blood of the clothes is not right, it is hard to sell it as used, and the exchange is quite expensive.

Offworks Dongdaemun branch was really good to be able to try it on and make a mistake shot.
In addition to the Maison Kitsne and Theory, a variety of luxury goods such as Stone Island, Poloral Proren, Polo Shirt and Jlindeberg were available at really affordable prices

It's also very comfortable to find the right size for me because the sizes vary

I actually shopped, and I could see a Chinese student picking a friend's gift through a video call. I brought a tripod and showed a good shot directly

I bought AMI, Sandro and Maju's clothes that I liked my friend, and I definitely took the pretty clothes that everyone saw the same eyes.

Honestly, I liked all the designs and wanted to pick them up.
Inside, we were selling refurbish appliances and bowls at a really low price

Middle-aged women in their 40s couldn't take their eyes off here.I was watching them all, and then I came here and saw them buying some plates

I also did not get out of here for a while because of the home appliances. Lenovo notebook is 299,000 won!A spec laptop that is really good for office use was being sold at a really low price

I could hear it myself, I could use it, so I came to buy clothes for a moment. I need another office laptop
When I went to the other side of the men's wear corner, I could see so many luxury goods. When you asked the staff, I could observe and purchase it.

It was sold at a discount of about 20 percent from 719,000 won for 579,000 won. Recently, the style of combining white sneakers with bright jeans is back in fashion,

Gucci also had a variety of products at a discount of more than 10 percent, and the wallet was also really affordable, so I told the staff and decided to buy it as a friend's birthday present

I can ask 5 people to do one-ninth of N. First of all, my performance is my card.
Adidas clothing was also available at a discount of about 80 percent

Firebirds Three-line Training pants were available for purchase at a discount of about 50 percent from 110,000 won, at 53,500 won. I needed a black training suit, but I also bought it

I thought I could buy it as 레플리카 사이트 an installment, and I put on a variety of products such as cardigans and windshields, so I had to pay for 5 months,

It was a big day anyway! It was cheaper to buy with gift certificates and card combinations:)
After this storm shopping, I stopped at the information desk to authenticate mobile tea money and drink Americano, which made it a really refreshing shopping:)

Hyundai City Outlets always have a variety of events, so it seems to be good to shop because you can get a gift certificate for a weekend buyout or a drink free of charge through these simple events:)

I also participated in the H Point Appro Stamp Relay and received a refund as a point, and I will collect gift certificates later and buy luxury goods at Offworks!
Premium brand up to 80% discount collection discount ON price OFF "OFF WORKS"
Also, it is said that various special products will be sent to KakaoTalk message through KakaoTalk Plus channel

I tried not to do it because I thought it would keep me proud if I made a friend, but I thought it would be more regrettable to miss the opportunity to buy at a low price

I still think of my watches that I could not buy in Japan. It is a year that is hard to scream, but I can not live for 5 years.

Offworks Dongdaemun branch is located on the first floor of Hyundai City Outlet Dongdaemun branch

You can easily find and visit it as you see it right down the escalator

I am really satisfied to buy pretty outerwear for the cheap season

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