I wish I could stop this time now
I'm not doing much of what I've been doing latelyThe corona virus has caused a sense of helplessnessI'm tired of being tiredI've had a lot of trouble with my mother My best friend, who knew my situationThey recommended the Ilsan Massage Shop The more you do this, the more you take care of yourselfI have […]

I'm not doing much of what I've been doing lately
The corona virus has caused a sense of helplessness
I'm tired of being tired
I've had a lot of trouble with my mother

My best friend, who knew my situation
They recommended the Ilsan Massage Shop

The more you do this, the more you take care of yourself
I have to pay attention to stress and fatigue.
I invited him to visit

What should I do because everything was bothering me?
I was worried, but now I think
I think you did a great job of going back

There were several places near the house
I've been to the house a lot, but
Where I could be satisfied
I think this is my first time

I'm sure you'll introduce me to others
I want to go to the place!

I went to a place called Hansonggi
I searched the blog before I visited
The positive reviews of those who have been there
I had a lot of expectations because it was so great +_+

As I mentioned above, I was going to get a massage
I've been to other shops, but I've had a lot of
I never felt it before, you know?

I feel cool when I get most of it
I heard, but I think it's the only time
It doesn't lead to a revisit

This place is a cluster of solid parts
I could hear a friend telling me to let him go
Those who have had headaches or insomnia
It was amazing to say that it was better!

I'd like to experience it soon
I'm going to make a reservation and go

Until the epidemic
I was working out constantly
I think it's because of the virus
I'm afraid I'm reluctant to go to the gym

I'm not gonna be able to run outside
I tried, but the weather was chilly in the evening
That ended in three days

with a lot of activity and a lot of constant exercise
It was me, but now I'm not moving much
I'm not going out, so

My whole body is aching, toxins build up
I can't discharge, so fatigue and stress
It seemed to be getting even more stacked.

Please, I'm gonna need you to go to the Ilsan Massage Shop
with a care and a gentle heart
I was hoping I'd go home

I'm waiting, I'm taking pictures
I didn't have time to look around
It's well organized and pleasant
It's a space decorated with green plants

You're a big deal, boss
I thought you were loving and managing
There was a certificate on one side

professionally and systematically
Is it possible that you could take care of
It was a place I was sure of

It's finally my turn
I was able to get a good consultation

You know, you could ask me this and that, and you could
I can see that the difference between the other places
I wanted to hear word of mouth from where I was

I was hoping the massage would start in earnest
He started with footbaths like this

I don't normally have a good circulation
His hands and feet were cold
I'm soaking my feet in warm water
I was nervous and I was feeling a little bit

I don't know what you put in the water, but
The color is pretty and it seems to be relieved of fatigue
This is the time that healed

I went into the room and lay down
What if he's not in a good state of health,
I was worried about it

I think the same time these days
because you have to be sensitive
I'm going to be looking around
I felt like I had no choice

But not just the arrangement
It's a neat, clean space without dust
It was a place where you could feel the comfort

I lay down on my bed, and I was
Because it was space, I was able to see
I don't need to care, but I'm not gonna be able to
It was nice to have time

I finally thought I'd be
The Ilsan Massage has begun
But I was surprised to see that my grip was so strong!

I'm not pressing it with pain
the power is appropriately controlled only the necessary site
You press me as you go, and I'm tired of the
It seemed to be loose and refreshing

You know, you can sit at home and watch TV
for a long time to be in a bad position
I keep it a lot

I've often felt like I was a little bit puzzling
You're gonna let me go
I felt so cool and satisfied

I don't know what part of the room is uncomfortable
I told you, I've been focusing on
You touched me, too, and I thought you were different

I used to go to another shop
I just felt like I was pressing it sorely
I wasn't comfortable the whole time I was getting a massage

You know, I've been treated like a real person
I felt like I was being managed
I'm sure it's a place my friend recommended
I wanted to be very good to come:)

I don't have to tell you
the part that is united is haunted
You're going to focus on that

I'm not gonna let you touch me
I could find myself in charge
You're getting this good by yourself
My mom just came up with her own

You're still working, and you're still in the middle of a bad day
You talk a lot, but if you knew there was a place like this
I'm starting to think that you're coming together
I thought it would be nice if I came with you soon

with a person you 강남피쉬안마 like, like your parents, lovers, friends
When you come together, you will have more meaningful time
I think I can send it.

I haven't had the right posture since I was a kid
The pelvis or spine is not straight
I knew it, but I was here, and I was here
It seemed like all the back pain was gone

where we could get a systematic Ilsan massage
I was satisfied, but the boss
If you stimulate any part, you feel refreshed

I know exactly how tired it is
I think he's here. I feel trust!

I was lying there, comfortable,
I feel like I'm going to be free
I thought I'd fall asleep on my own

I wonder if you're not in any of the middle-of-the-road inconveniences,
Is there anything else you want?
I appreciated your asking

He was so kind and kind
I can't put coolness into words
I wish I could stop this time now

Time is running so fast
I feel sorry for her, so soon she will be able to
I thought I'd take him back once more

So far, all the massages have been there
I was so worried that I would not be able to
I think I've changed my mind completely

After I went here, I was energized
I'm in the best shape

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